Omotenashi Culture... The Spirit of Japanese Hospitality

Being back in Japan after 16 years of Eastern living, I simply forgot how AMAZING Japanese hospitality is, which we call OMOTENASHI. I had an opportunity to work at one of the prestigious onsen ryokan, Gorakadan, and reminded me of this omotenashi culture this country offers.  From the arrival to the departure, they treat you like a king. The beautiful part is that you don't feel like they are doing it because it's their job. Yes, it is their job to take care of you while staying at those Japanese style hotels, but you get the sense of kindness and warm hospitality without trying.  When I left the hotel, 3 of them helped putting me into a taxi. They told me good bye and bowed until they could not see the car anymore. I almost cried. Not because I was sad, but because of this beautiful culture.